Short Term Gilt Fund

A shelter in the storm

Fund Objective

The fundamental investment objective of the Fund is preservation of investors’ investment capital by investing 100% in short term gilt edged securities.

Intended For

The Fund is suitable for short term investors with very low risk tolerance seeking 100% capital preservation and liquidity by investing in risk-free securities.

Why Invest?

The Fund invests in Sovereign treasury bills and bonds which are the only risk-free investments available in the market. By investing in treasury or “gilt edged” securities, you receive a Sovereign guarantee on your capital and interest, while earning more competitive returns than a commercial bank account.

Fund Performance

Performance Since Inception (Annualized)

1 Month 3 Months 6 Months YTD 1 Year SI*  TER**
11.65% 9.17% 7.87% 8.53% 6.44% 7.81%  0.58%

Past performance is not indicative of the future performance
Performance as of April 30, 2022
Returns shown are after all taxes, fees, and expenses and based on NAV
All returns shown are annualized
*SI – Since Inception

** TER as of 31st December 2021

For Fund reports, please login.

- GIPS pooled fund reports are provided at year end as required by GIPS 2020.

- Quarterly updates of GIPS pooled fund reports are available upon request.

Readily Convertible to Cash

We return cash to investors within 2 business days of receiving a redemption request.

We Take Calculated Risks

We take active market positions based on our expectation of where short term interest rates are heading.

Risk Free

We offer our clients peace of mind with a 100% risk-free investment option.

Meet the Fund Manager

Christine Bandaranaike has worked in private and institutional fund management since 1996. She joined JB Financial in 2011 to set up the firm’s pooled asset management program. At JB Financial, Christine functions in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer and as portfolio manager for the JB Vantage Money Market Fund & Short Term Gilt Fund.

Christine began her career with TD Bank Financial Group of Canada in mutual funds and retail treasury, moving onto private asset management. In Sri Lanka, she worked at CitiNational Investment Bank delivering structured finance solutions to clients. She then worked as a consultant, advising institutional investors on setting internal investment policy.

Christine trained as an economist and holds an MA from the University of Toronto and a BA (Hons) Economics from the University of Western Ontario. She is a member of the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts (Charlottesville, USA) and a CFA charterholder since 1999.

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