How It Works

Details about the investment process
and funds transfer.

After you decide to invest in a JB Vantage unit trust, a dedicated member of our sales team is available to start the investment process with you. However, you may also choose to complete the process entirely independently.

The first step is to review all documentation, including the Explanatory Memorandum. All documentation is available electronically on our website or may be provided to you by meeting a member of our team.


You must both review and execute the documentation. The application document must be executed physically, we do not accept an e-signature – you are required to print, execute scan or fax all documents to JB Vantage, with originals to follow by delivery or post.

Required Documents

For individuals – The completed application form, signed purchase form, copy of ID card/passport and copy of bill/statement showing address.

For corporates – The completed application form (signed by authorized director(s)), signed purchase form, board resolution indicating approval to invest and authorized signatories (draft provided) and copy of company registration document.

Account Set Up

Once the documents have been executed, your documentation will be reviewed by JB Vantage to ensure everything is completed correctly and your account set up.

Funds Transfer

Upon realization of cash in our bank account, together with the receipt of an executed Purchase form by us, we will create your units.

Generally, a cheque will realize within three business days, a SLIPS transfer within two and an RTGS (Central Bank transfer) within one. International Wire Transfers will realized within five business days.

Unit Creation

Unit Trusts employ forward pricing so the selling price used to purchase your units will be the next available price after your funds transfer is realized. What is relevant to you is which day’s price is used to create your units. Their actual creation will occur later, usually the following business day.

Once You’re Invested

After the investment into the underlying funds has been made, the investment process is completed and you will receive a receipt for your purchase and semi annual portfolio and performance updates. The portfolio update shows your current account value. Performance updates are calculated according to GIPS (Global Investment Performance Standards) and are also available monthly on request.


Fill out the one-page redemption form and submit the original before 12pm to get the present days’ unit price. If the form is received after 12pm, the redemption will be executed at the following days’ price.